Windows XP Pro SP4 x86 Integrated March 2014

Windows XP Pro SP4 x86 Integrated March 2014 | 776 mb

This is the original Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-bit) ISO (Volume License) with improvements for SP4 (unofficial), including Microsoft updates until March 2014, Internet Explorer 8, Adobe Flash Player , add-ons, Chipset and SATA drivers.

This version is the best from the internet and contains:

- NO additional programs and software added.
- NO graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed.
- Windows Messenger, MSN Explorer and Internet Explorer 6 were removed.
- It's the original image from Microsoft except added updates, IE8, Adobe Flash Player, .NET Framework 3.0, 3.5, 4, Silverlight, PowerShell, BitLocker, Image Mastering API, MSXML 4.0, Chipset and SATA drivers.

1) Burn the ISO file, with MINIMAL speed, 
into an empty CD using any burning software.

2) Insert the CD into your CD/DVD ROM drive and restart your PC 
to start installation.

3) In case you were asked to enter a serial number, use this one: 

Enjoy ;)

New Link
Download Llink(Adrive):  Windows XP Professional Pre SP4(unofficial)-738.5 MB


i don't have cd drive in my laptop and this kind of file can not be installed from USB plz suggest me how to make this files bootable usb, i have tried using microsoft tools but while installing from usb its says bootmgr is missing??? please help me out in this regard


Use this:


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